Mailing Lists & Bugs

Your feedback is not just welcome, it is absolutely key to making Stripes even better. And not just on big issues - if you think a log message could be clearer, an exception more specific, or there's some API that isn't quite right yet, post about it to the users mailing list. If others agree, it'll get changed!

There are several ways you can find out more about Stripes and give us your feedback.

Mailing Lists

The mailing lists are maintained using the mailing list system. The stripes-users list is for discussion of building applications using Stripes and where you should generally ask for help. The stripes-development is for discussion of the development of Stripes itself (i.e. not for user support). Anyone is welcome to join either or both lists, but most questions should be directed to the users list. To sign up go to the Sourceforge mailing lists page.

While the lists are archived on SourceForge the interface isn't great. The lists are also archived at GMane. GMane provides a browser based archive of the mailing list, and allows browsers to post to the list without signing up! It also provies a news (nntp) based interface with the same capabilities, and an RSS interface (which is read only).

IRC (Internet Relay Chat)

Most days you will find one or more Stripes developers along with some users at Feel free to stop in and ask questions or just hang out and chat.

Bugs, Enhancements etc.

Stripes uses JIRA, an awesome bug tracking tool from Atlassian, the same folks who make Confluence. To search for existing bugs and enhacement requests, or to log new ones, visit:

Please take the time to search for items similar to the one you would like to submit before creating a JIRA issue. Adding specific comments to duplicate or near-duplicate bugs is far more helpful that filing new bug reports. If you are unsure whether or not something is a bug, please search the list archives and post to the users list. Thank you!