Stripes is distributed under the Apache License (Version 2) (older versions of Stripes were released under the LGPL and are still available under that license).

The current version of Stripes is 1.5.8. For details of what changed between versions please refer to the Release Notes.

Stripes Downloads

Downloads are hosted by GitHub. All released files (including all old releases) can be browsed here.

There are three separate distribution files for Stripes:

  1. The regular (non-source) distribution includes the compiled version of Stripes, the Examples application and minimal library dependencies. It also includes source-code for Stripes and the examples, but not a build environment. This is the recommended download for new Stripes users. Download
  2. The bundle is the right choice for developers who already used Stripes and just want the latest release for their web application. It contains the current Stripes library jar and a separate source jar for being used in your IDE. Read the Dependencies section to see what libraries Stripes also needs. This is the recommended download for experienced developers. Download
  3. Due to the desire to keep the distribution light and the size of some of the compile-time dependencies a third, source, distribution is also available. This distribution includes the Stripes source, the build environment and all build dependencies. This is the recommended download for developers that need to build Stripes on their own machine. Download

The latest JavaDoc is browsable here.

Maven Integration

Integrating Stripes is simply done by declaring this dependency:


Make sure you add the logging provider of your choice, too.
If you need file upload functionality, simply add one of the following dependencies:



<!-- Required by commons-fileupload --> 

Library dependencies

Stripes relies on the following libraries to run:

Commons Logging needs a real logging provider (like log4j) in order to work fine.

COS and Commons FileUpload are only needed for file upload functionality. You just need exactly one of them.