Beginning Stripes

This page pulls together several other pages that are useful when you are starting out with Stripes. While not intended to be a complete syllabus from soup to nuts, but rather an effective way to get started.

Quick Start

The Quick Start Guide gives a rapid introduction on how to setup and configure Stripes and develop a simple calculator style application. Note: the quick start examples are included in the stripes-examples.war application in the Stripes download.

Sample Application

The Sample Application is an example of a lightweight bug tracking application written in Stripes. For simplicity it uses an in memory storage instead of a database and is designed to illustrate how to use various parts of Stripes effectively. When looking for an example of how to do something, the sample application is a great place to look.

Best Practices

The Best Practices document explains several key best practices when working with Stripes, and should generally be read and understood (though you are free to disagree with it!) before starting to build an application with Stripes.

Asking For Help

It's always good to know how to ask for help. The Mailing Lists & Bugs page describes how to join the Stripes users mailing list and how to log bugs in JIRA. Don't be afraid to ask questions on the list, or log bugs! That said, it is good form to do a quick search of the mailing list archives to make sure you're not asking a question that has been covered before.

External References

Lastly you may want to read about Stripes Around The Web. This document pulls together other toolkits that integrate well with Stripes, published articles on Stripes and various interesting blog entries.